Units This page briefly describes the individual units that make up the 114th Fighter Wing and the South Dakota Air National Guard. Learn about our hardworking men and women, working everyday to keep our nation safe.

114th Fighter Wing

114th Fighter Wing - The mission of the 114th Fighter Wing is to deploy worldwide and execute directed tactical fighter sorties to destroy enemy forces, supplies, equipment, communications systems and installations with conventional

114FW Maintenance Group

114th Maintenance Group - The mission of the 114th Maintenance Group is to ensure that assigned aircraft and equipment are safe, serviceable, and properly configured to meet mission requirements. Maintenance actions include, but are not limited to, inspection, repair, overhaul, modification, preservation, refurbishment, testing, and analyzing condition and performance.

- 114th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron:
The 114th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron services, inspects, maintains, launches, recovers assigned and transient aircraft and ensures all mobility requirements are met. The 114th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron includes activities that generate sorties and train personnel to generate sorties, and is predominantly accomplished in an on-equipment environment.

- 114th Maintenance Squadron:
The mission of the 114th Maintenance Squadron provides support to the 114th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron sortie production and the depth to sustain maintenance effectiveness. The 114th Maintenance Squadron is divided into two flights, the Component Maintenance Flight and the Equipment Maintenance Flight. The Flights perform both on and off equipment maintenance on assigned aircraft.

- 114th Maintenance Operations Flight:
The 114th Maintenance Operations Flight is responsible to the 114th Maintenance Group commander for aircraft maintenance staff functions required for the efficient operation of the 114th Maintenance Group. The Flight includes the Maintenance Operations Center; Plans, Scheduling, and Documentation; Engine Management, Training Management; Maintenance Analysis; and Maintenance Plans and Programs.

114FW Mission Support Group

114th Mission Support Group - The mission of the 114th Mission Support Group is to direct the activities of the 114th Mission Support Flight, 114th Civil Engineer Squadron, 114th Security Forces Squadron, 114th Communications Flight, 114th Logistics Readiness Squadron, and the 114th Services Flight toward the overall missions and objectives of the 114th Fighter Wing.

- 114th Communications Flight:
The mission of the 114th Communications Flight is to provide trained communications/computer operators, audio-visual, and maintenance personnel to perform communications/computer staff, audio-visual, communications/computer operations and maintenance functions for Air Combat Command flying unit. The Flight will organize, equip, and train to provide services for which they are tasked by Air Combat Command.

- 114th Civil Engineer Squadron:
The mission of the 114th Civil Engineer Squadron is to provide Prime Beef personnel capable of deploying anywhere in the world, including bare bases and support aircraft operations with bed-down, rapid runway repair, operations, and maintenance support, and crash/fire suppression activities.

- 114th Logistics Readiness Squadron:
The mission of the 114th Logistics Readiness Squadron is to provide and direct the supply, fuels, procurement, financial, motor vehicle, and commercial transportation activities, toward the overall objectives and missions of the assigned and attached units of the group.

- 114th Force Support Squadron:
The Force Support Squadron provides advice and assistance to Commanders, Supervisors, ANG members, dependents and retirees on Personnel policies, programs and entitlements. FSS provides lodging, food service, fitness facility management and mortuary services. Support is also provided in the areas of training and education, personnel deployment and mobilization, accession and separation, personnel utilization, career progression, recruiting and retention, military data system management, and family readiness programs. FSS members are trained to support worldwide contingency operations, in addition to natural disasters and emergencies.

- 114th Security Forces Squadron:
The mission of the 114th Security Forces Squadron is to augment the host base weapon system security functions to enable them to support additional workloads generated by the assignment of additional tactical aircraft.

HQ, South Dakota ANG

Headquarters, South Dakota Air National Guard - The mission of Headquarters, South Dakota Air National Guard is to prepare plans, policies, and programs for Air National Guard units assigned to the State; to advise and assist the Adjutant General in execution of these plans; and assist him in the administration, logistics, and training of Air National Guard units. Personnel will be utilized, as required, when the State Area Command (STARC) Headquarters requests to assist in mobilization.

114FW Medical Group

114th Medical Group - The mission of the 114th Medical Group is, upon mobilization, to provide manpower replacement tasking by the gaining major command, Air Combat Command. The 114th Medical Group provides limited health services for approximately 1,000 personnel assigned to the 114th Fighter Wing.

114FW Operations Group

114th Operations Group - The mission of the 114th Operations Group is to deploy worldwide and execute directed tactical fighter sorties to destroy enemy forces, supplies, equipment, communications systems and installations with conventional weapons.

- 175th Fighter Squadron:
The mission of the 175th Fighter Squadron is to establish a training program to achieve the capability of worldwide deployment and to be prepared, upon implementation, to deploy, destroy enemy forces and facilities through the delivery of all types of tactical weapons compatible with the weapon system possessed in support of the roles of counter air, interdiction, and close air support.

- 114th Operations Support Squadron
The mission of the 114th Operations Support Squadron is twofold.  The federal mission is to provide operational support to the 114th Operations Group, including an F-16CM squadron conducting Aerospace Control Alert, Offensive Counter-Air/Air Interdiction, Close Air Support and Defensive Counter-Air missions world-wide.  The state mission is to protect life and property, to preserve peace, order and public safety in support of South Dakota citizens at the direction of the Governor.