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Careers The Air National Guard is all about service. Be it your local community, your state, nation or our global community, you will be part of an organization that serves. Today, ensuring the security of America's skies is a mission the Air National Guard shares equally with the active Air Force. Though most Air National Guard members serve just two days a month and 15 days a year, the readiness and performance of each member is a crucial part of our national defense, and an example of citizen service at its finest.

AGR | Technician Positions

Technician Positions

Visit usajobs.gov to apply for Technician Positions


Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Positions

To apply or have questions regarding the AGR Positions, please contact Trish Heng, AGR Program Manager, at 605-988-5676 or trish.j.heng.mil@mail.mi


Contact Recruiters

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Technical Sgt. Jordan Snyder
Office Phone: (605) 988-5462
Cell Phone:    (605) 359-6778
Technical Sgt. Briana Grage
Office Phone: (605) 988-5464
Cell Phone:    605.951.6056
Master Sgt. Bo Ellefson
Flight Chief
Office Phone: (605) 988-5463
Cell Phone:    (605) 359-2669
 Master Sgt. Eric Tidemann
Retention Manager
Office Phone: (605) 988-5705
Cell Phone:    (605) 359-3408
 Senior Master Sgt. Brian Johnson
Production Superintendent
Office Phone: (605) 988-5461
Cell Phone:    (605) 595-7192
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Job Opportunities

The following list reflects the many career opportunities available to you in the South Dakota Air National Guard. Though there is a short explanation of the career field provided, it only scratches the surface of the many facets involved in each area. Ask your Recruiter to see the job first hand to learn more about it. Positions available to you are subject to unit requirements and eligibility criteria.


The Air National Guard is all about service. Be it your local community, your state, nation or our global community, you will be part of an organization that serves.

We will train you in a job skill that can enhance your civilian job opportunities. Don't just get a job, start a career with the South Dakota Air National Guard.

Health Professionals

There is an organization that is America's hometown Air Force. It's designed for the Health Professional. It's interesting, it's challenging, and it's exciting. It's an activity that offers more opportunity than you can imagine. It's friendly, it's secure, it's financially rewarding, it engenders pride, and above all it's fun! It's the Air National Guard!

Pilot Information

The 2020 114th Fighter Wing Undergraduate Pilot Trainee (UPT) Board has been scheduled for the first weekend in August 2020.  Application deadline is June 30, 2020.  For a copy of the UPT Application Guide, please click HERE.  If you have any questions, please contact Senior Airman Heather McGuire (605) 988-5730, DSN 798-7730 or heather.r.mcguire2.mil@mail.mil


Some of the many personal benefits you will experience in the South Dakota Air National Guard are pride in achievement, the bond of camaraderie and giving something back to your country, state and community. Here are the tangible benefits you can receive as a member of our team.