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ID Card Scheduling

Schedule your appointment online at

List of Acceptable Identity Documents 

ID card office is by appointment only or call 605-988-5845 with any questions.

Appointment Only!


Hours of Operations:

Tuesday: 1300-1500
Wednesday: 1400-1600
Thursday: 1300-1500
Friday: 0900-1100

UTA: Times vary depending on training

Contact: 605-988-5845

Service Members MUST Be Present In ALL Transactions of This Office.

Unless they are deceased, family member has power of attorney, OR if service member has previously signed an 1172-2 for only the Dependent's Card Renewal

College Student ID Card (Age 21-23)

- Must be a full time student pursuing an Associate's Degree or higher

Must have:
  • Drivers License
  • Letter from School Registrar
  • Service Member Power of Attorney
And of the Following:
  • Birth Certificate from the Court House
  • Social Security Card
  • Passport
School Registrar Letter Must Include the Following:
  • Full time student
  • Estimated Graduation Date
  • Registrar's Signature
  • School Letterhead