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Flood Relief Packing List


ITEM                      DESCRIPTION
1 Each                   Identification Card, Military and Civilian
1 Pair                     Tags, Personnel ID w/ Chain
1 Each                   Drivers License, Military and Civilian
4 Each                   Complete Uniforms
1 Each                   Gortex Jacket and Pants
1 Each                   Gloves
10 Pair                   Socks
Training/Duffel Bag Includes: Poncho, Boots, Web Belt, Canteen/Camelback
1 Each                    Laundry Bag
1 Each                    Flashlight (w/ batteries)
1 Each                    Foot Powder
1 Each                    Insect Repellant
1 Each                    Chapstick (w/ sun protection)
1 Each                    Sunscreen
1 Pair                      Shower Shoes
1 Pair                      Sunglasses
1 Kit                         Toilet Articles (i.e. - toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deoderant,
                                 shaving equipment, etc)
4 Each                    Bath Towels
2 Each                    Wash Cloth
10 Each                  Underwear
3 Each                     Padlock Combination (SERVICABLE, must fit on duffle bag)
1 Each                     Wrist Watch
1 Pair                       Eyeglasses/Extra Contacts (if needed)
As Needed
Civilian Cltohes
Money to cover incidental and possible prescription drug expenses