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114FW - Job Opportunities

AIRCREW PROTECTION: This career field involved the instruction of aircrew and other designated personnel on the principles, procedures, and techniques of global survival. Included are life support equipment, recovery, evasion, captivity, and escape; issue, fitting, inspection, and minor repair of life support equipment. RELATED CAREERS: Aircrew Life Support

INTELLIGENCE: Functions of this career field deal with the collection, production, and dissemination of data that have strategic, tactical, or technical value from an intelligence viewpoint. RELATED CAREERS: Intelligence Operations - Target Intelligence

PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Designed to facilitate the flow of communication between the Air Force and the general public. Public Affairs personnel are involved in photography, broadcast production, writing, editing and publishing; arranging and conducting special events; military-community relations. Public Affairs is also responsible for RELATED CAREERS: Public Affairs Specialist, Broadcast Journalist, Still Photographer

SAFETY: Areas covered relate to both safety and disaster preparedness. Safety includes analysis of accident causes; survey areas to locate and eliminate hazards; and to promote safety consciousness at all levels. Disaster preparedness includes training of personnel to complete the primary mission while under enemy attack; detection, measurement, and decontamination of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical contaminants along with day to day operations in the event of a peacetime accident. RELATED CAREERS: Safety Apprentice - Readiness

COMMAND & CONTROL SYSTEMS OPERATIONS: Studies will include airfield management function of dispatching, operations systems management of maintaining custodial control and accountability of flight records, and performance of command and control functions.

COMMUNICATIONS-ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS: Installing, modifying, maintaining, repairing and overhauling ground radio equipment, fixed and mobile radio equipment; automatic communications and cryptographic machine systems are all apart of this career field. RELATED CAREERS: Ground Radio Communications - Telecommunications/Systems and Equipment - Electronic Computer/Switching Systems - Secure Communication Systems

AVIONICS SYSTEMS: The Avionics Systems career field will include installing, maintaining, calibrating, and repairing bomb navigation, fire control, automatic flight control, instrument systems, and aerospace ground equipment; airborne communications, navigation, electronic warfare, and inertial and radar navigation. RELATED CAREERS: Imagery Systems - Avionics Test Station - F-16 Avionics - Electronic Warfare

WIRE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE: This career will teach installation, repair, and maintenance of telephone and telegraph landline systems, telephone equipment, key systems, manual telephone equipment, phone-switching equipment, and electronic switching equipment. RELATED CAREERS: Telephone Switching - Telephone/Data Circuitry Equipment

MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: Includes the planning and scheduling of maintenance of aircraft and associated equipment; the operation and maintenance of the Management Information System; the collection, analysis, and presentation of maintenance data in maintenance organizations. RELATED CAREERS: Maintenance Systems Analysis - Maintenance Scheduling

INTRICATE EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE: Learn the functions and techniques involved in installing, assembling, repair, overhauling, and modifying photographic equipment. RELATED CAREERS: Avionics Sensor

AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE: Experience the skills, functions, and techniques employed in the maintenance of aircraft accessory systems, fabrication of metal and fabric materials used in aircraft structural repair, and the inspection and preservation of aircraft parts and materials. RELATED CAREERS: Aircraft Electrical/Environmental Systems - Aircrew Egress Systems - Aircraft Fuels Systems - Aircraft Pneudraulic Systems - Aerospace Ground Equipment - Jet Engine - Non Destructive Testing - Fabrication and Parachute - Metals Technology - Structural Maintenance

AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE: Encompasses the mechanical functions of the maintenance, repair, and modifications of jet aircraft. RELATED CAREERS: F-16 Aircraft Maintenance (Crew Chief)

MUNITIONS AND WEAPONS: Study the assembly, maintenance, storage, delivery, inventory management, and loading on non-nuclear munitions and solid propellants. Repair of aircraft munitions release and monitory systems, bomb racks, aircraft machine guns, and cannons. RELATED CAREERS: Munitions Systems - Aircraft Armament Systems

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE: The Vehicle Maintenance career field includes the inspection, repair, and modification of general-purpose vehicles and related equipment, special purpose vehicles, vehicle maintenance analysis, and related functions. RELATED CAREERS: Vehicle Operator - Fire Truck Mechanic - Refueling Vehicle Mechanic - General Purpose Vehicle Mechanic - Vehicle Maintenance Control and Analysis - Vehicle Body Mechanic

COMMUNICATIONS-COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Operate automatic digital switching equipment; learn techniques involved in operating wire communications systems, programming automatic data processing equipment, computer systems, equipment management and monitoring functional data systems, and managing communications. RELATED CAREERS: Computer Systems Operator - Communication/Computer Systems Program

MECHANICAL/ELECTRICAL: Install, operate, maintain, and repair electrical facilities, electrical power generators, refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, liquid fuel systems, and heating facilities. RELATED CAREERS: Electrical Systems - Electrical Power Production - Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration - Liquid Fuels Systems - Heating Systems

STRUCTURAL/PAVEMENTS: Maintain pavements, railroads, and soil bases; perform erosion control, site development, general maintenance, and real estate - cost-management analysis. RELATED CAREERS: Pavements - Construction Equipment Operator - Structural - Utilities - Engineering Assistant

SANITATION: Operate and maintain water and waste processing plants, systems, and equipment. RELATED CAREERS: Pest Management

FIRE PROTECTION: Learn to prevent, control and/or extinguish all types of fire occurring on the ground, and perform related rescue, and first aid. Operate and maintain all types of firefighting equipment and vehicles.

TRANSPORTATION: Be involved with the movement of personnel, and material. This career includes packaging; handling and loading of freight on military aircraft; scheduling military air transportation of personnel and material. RELATED CAREERS: Traffic Management

SERVICES: Supervisions and operation of billeting, dormitory management, and subsistence. Learn the storage, preparation, cooking, baking, and serving of food.

FUELS: Operation and management of petroleum fuel systems and activities including the entire spectrum of requisitioning, receiving, storing, dispensing, and testing petroleum fuels.

SUPPLY: Management, administration, and operation of supply systems and activities. Development, analysis, and operation of systems, including supply data, requirements, determination, and computations. Inventory and distribution control.

CONTRACTING: Purchasing of equipment, supplies, services, and construction through negotiation and/or formal advertising methods. Preparation, processing, award, and administration of contractual documents.

LOGISTICS PLANS: The management, administration, and operation of logistics plan systems and activities. Formulation, development, evaluation, and monitoring of all aspects of plans, policies, and programs pertaining to the execution of partial of total Air Force or joint service missions.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Receipt, disbursement, and accounting for public funds; appropriation and expense, cost, working capital and real property accounting. Formulating, executing, and analyzing financial programs.

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: The operation and management of administration functions. Establishing and administering policies and procedures, and standards concerning publications, forms, and correspondence.

PERSONNEL: Functions of classification, assignment, promotion, base reenlistment and separation of military personnel. Advising military personnel and their dependents on personal affairs, personnel records and reports. RELATED CAREERS: Personnel - Equal Opportunity

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: The development and management of training programs; on-the-job training advisory services; career development courses; combat arms training. Test administration, curricula planning, lesson preparation, and oral presentations.

SECURITY FORCES: Installation security, weapon systems security, air base ground defense, law enforcement, information security, and resource protection.

MEDICAL: Participates in planning, providing, and evaluating patient care. Organizes the medical environment at directs support activities in-patient care situations, including disaster. RELATED CAREERS: Medical Services - Aero Medical Services - Radiology - Pharmacy - Medical Administration - Bioenvironmental Engineering - Biomedical Equipment - Medical Laboratory - Dental Assistant