Prior Service

There are plenty of great jobs for experienced military personnel. If you had a honorable discharge you may be eligible to join the South Dakota Air National Guard.

- Prior service in any branch is accepted.

- Part time job which requires attendance at Guard Drills in Sioux Falls, South Dakota one weekend per month and 15 days of annual training each year.

- Must be able to complete 20 years combined service time by age 60.

- Rank is determined by grade held on separation and current unit vacancies.

- Do not need to attend basic military training again, but may have to attend an Air Force technical school if not qualified in a convertible skill. Cross training is an option, dependent on current unit vacancies.

- Enlistment term options are one (1) year (if never been a member of the Air National Guard and qualified in Air Force Specialty Code), three (3) years or six (6) years.

- Pay is determined by rank and length of service.


- Improve your retirement benefits.

- Servicemen's Group Life Insurance up to $250,000.

- Commissary/BX.

- Qualify for $15,000 cash bonus.