UCI Opportunity

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- Mention a Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI) anywhere around the Air Force and you will get a wide array of reactions from anxiety and frustration to "bring it on." No one seems to enjoy preparing for an inspection because it is the "hard" part of the whole process. Shining up programs, dotting I's, crossing T's, double checking documentation, etc.
Inspections should never be a big thrash. If we have been doing our jobs as they are laid out, we should be inspectable at any time. Remember the old saying "It's easier to keep a house clean than to clean a house." 

I have always thought that inspections are a necessity and key component of a constantly improving process. At the end of this month we have the opportunity to host 60 plus evaluators, experts in their fields, here at the 114th Fighter Wing. It's an opportunity to show off our base, an opportunity to demonstrate our professionalism, an opportunity to exhibit our mission skills, and an opportunity to introduce these folks to our Midwestern hospitality, work ethic and wonderful community. Regardless of the grades we receive, our unit and indeed the U.S. Air Force will emerge from this experience stronger and more capable. These experts will look carefully at how we function. They may be critical about some things, offering solutions to better our results. Likewise they will identify efficiencies that are fresh and unique which they will take and share throughout the Air Force. Either way, the end result will certainly be positive.
I welcome the opportunity to proudly show off our unit, to learn and share. My challenge for you is to seize this opportunity to better yourself, your profession and contribute your expertise back into the Air Force system. Evidence of your contribution will come in the weeks following the UCI when counterparts from around the Air Force will show interest in your results. 

As a final thought, this UCI is yet another opportunity for the members of the 114th Fighter Wing, South Dakota Air National Guard to prove that "Proud, Prepared, Professional" are not mere words; it is our culture.