Mental Preparedness key to UCI

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- Congratulations to the Outstanding Airmen of the Year and thanks to everyone involved with this year's process. The number of Airmen submitted this year was impressive
and all were well deserved of the honor.

We are all busy getting everything in order for the Air Combat Command Unit Compliance Inspection that will be held at Joe Foss Field from March 26 to 31.
We're checking the regulations and crosstalking with other units that have gone through the inspection. Let's also keep two impressionable thoughts in mind; dress and personal appearance, and customs and courtesies. Wear the uniform correctly and use proper courtesy. Stand up when the inspector enters the room, answering with "yes, sir or ma'am" or "no, sir or ma'am" when appropriate. This will give a polished impression of our units' pride and professionalism.

Be mentally ready to answer questions with a positive attitude. As always, don't avoid answering a question if you feel you don't know the answer or if you are unsure of the facts. Always indicate that if you are unsure of an answer, you will fi nd the correct response and get back to them. Making up answers won't work. Remember the inspector knows the answer or they wouldn't ask the question.

Keep in mind the mission goes on even during the inspection. Remember your "wing man." Remember safety always and stay focused.

As always I am proud to serve with each of you and I am confident that as always, we will excel during this inspection.