Balance strategy

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- The Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates recently stated that "the defining principle of the Pentagon's new National Defense Strategy is Balance." The strategy strives for balance to prevail in current conflicts while preparing for future threats. Balance must be met setting priorities after considering tradeoffs and acceptable risks. This will not be an easy task in light of our current economic crisis; however like so many other challenges throughout our nation's history, Americans will find the solution. 

Just like our National Defense Strategy, it is extremely important to have balance in our lives. We need to focus on the immediate task in front of us while preparing for future opportunities. That focus now should be the upcoming Unit Compliance Inspection March 26-31. This will be followed by preparation for our AEF at the end of this year, all while performing our daily missions in a safe, professional manner. 

We must also balance our military and civilian careers with family needs and employers' expectations. This balance can be met with communication. Discuss with your family and employer any upcoming deployments or schools. Let a friend, supervisor or commander know of any personal or professional problems you are experiencing. Get help when you need it. Spend time with your family and friends and most importantly take care of one another. This balance will make you a better friend, spouse, sibling, parent, and Airman. Thanks so much for everything you do everyday!