114th Fighter Wing conducts readiness exercise

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Duane Duimstra
  • 114th Fighter Wing

The 114th Fighter Wing held an Attack Response Exercise (ARE) from Oct. 7-15, 2017, at Joe Foss Field, S.D. The exercise is part of the South Dakota Air National Guard’s regular training to ensure Airmen have the skills necessary to perform homeland defense and support overseas operations.


“As part of our annual training requirement, we are testing our ability to rapidly send combat power anywhere in the world on a moment's notice.” said Maj. Matthew Kayser, 114th Fighter Wing inspector general director of complaint resolution.


The exercise was conducted by members of the 114th Fighter Wing Inspector General office to objectively evaluate the ability of the South Dakota Air National Guard to process people and cargo, and generate and deploy F-16 Fighting Falcons around the world.


The exercise encompassed everything from individual Airmen receiving a deployment notification phone call to the entire wing operating in a simulated deployed environment. 


During the preparation phase, Airmen went through simulated deployment processing where they were issued equipment and received briefings on active duty benefits, Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve, public affairs, human resources, medical and dental requirements, as well as other topics to ensure they were prepared to deploy.


The 114th Logistic Readiness Squadron also simulated preparation of cargo and equipment needed for the deployment. After determining the equipment needed, Airmen gathered, packed, organized and weighed equipment and materials to be loaded onto multiple cargo aircraft.


The deployment phase evaluated the 114th Fighter Wing's ability to perform operations at a deployed location under adverse conditions. This included practicing CBRNE response procedures and performing self-aid buddy care on injured Airman while conducting flying operations.


“The 2017 ARE was a highly successful validation of the 114th Fighter Wing's worldwide commitments. The complete success of this ARE was due to the professionalism, commitment, and sacrifice of our Airmen, families, employers, and schools. I couldn't be prouder of our success, and the positive attitude, pride, and morale shown by our Airmen.” said Col. Nathan Alholinna, 114th Fighter Wing commander.