Hot Pit Refueling

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Duane Duimstra
  • 114th Fighter Wing

The 114th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and 114th Logistics Readiness Squadron fuel operators performed hot refueling training Dec. 2, 2017. Hot refueling is commonly known as hot pit. 


“Hot pit allows for quicker refueling.” said Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Martin, 114th Maintenance Group quality assurance inspector and hot pad supervisor. 


During the hot pits, the F-16 Fighting Falcons must first go through a cursory area where weapon shop Airmen de-arms the aircraft and crew chiefs check for hot breaks. Once the F-16 clears the cursory area, it taxis to the hot pad where crew chiefs and fuel operators refuels it.


Hot pit training is done twice every six months to remain current and evaluated by a quality assurance inspector once a year to remain certified.


The main purpose of the training is to prepare Airmen during combat operations. If aerial refueling support is lost, hot pit is the fastest way to get the aircraft airborne again. 


“It allows for quicker refueling and shorter down time because it eliminates other inspections needed if the aircraft is shut down.” said Martin.