Grenades detonated as part of Security Forces training

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Duane Duimstra
  • 114th Fighter Wing

114th Security Forces Squadron members performed explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) and grenade recertification training at a range near Joe Foss Field, S.D. Feb. 3, 2018. Members from the 119th Civil Engineer Squadron from Fargo, N.D. led the training.


EOD and grenade recertification and training is an annual requirement for Airmen in the career fields using this type of equipment as part of their job. 


“We train on this on an annual basis so that we are prepared to use these types of munitions in a deployed location,” said Master Sgt. Chad Harris, 114th Security Forces training superintendent. 


The training included unexploded ordnance (UXO) identification, ground burst simulator (GBS), and smoke grenade training. 


As part of the training, 114SFS Airmen spent time in the classroom to learn the basic facts about explosives. They later detonated simulation smoke grenades and GBS at a secure training range as part of their familiarization training.


The smoke grenades can be used for various purposes.  A couple examples would be providing a cover element in the event security forces members need to move under fire or marking a landing zone for a medivac.  The GBS are used in a training environment.  The whistling noise the GBS makes is to simulate an incoming mortar, and the explosion simulates a mortar/ rocket/ bomb strike.  In an exercise scenario, a security forces Airman would throw a GBS to simulate various types of attacks and to practice and evaluate the proper reactionary measures.   


The training is crucial for security forces Airmen to learn proper handling, familiarization, and safety when dealing with grenades and other explosives. 


“This type of training is beneficial for the Airmen because it’s not as simple as pulling the pin and throwing it,” said Tech. Sgt. Andrew Glynn, 119th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) technician.


Proper form while throwing the explosives and safe handling were also covered during the training.