Force Support Squadron merges organizations

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Tami Mielke
  • 114th Fighter Wing
The standup-up of the 114th Force Support Squadron merged Personnel and Services into one squadron effective April 1. FSS is part of a program action decision approved by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force as a total force initiative. This new organization streamlines processes, maximizes support to members and families, and improves operational efficiency associated with maintaining two separate organizations.
The new FSS combines: Force Development Flight, Manpower and Personnel Flight, Airman and Family Services Flight, Sustainment Services Flight, and Recruiting & Retention. 

The Air Force looked for opportunities to join similar entities and functions which was one of the driving forces behind the merger. A primary example is a casualty situation. Casualty Affairs, Mortuary Affairs and the Family Liaison Officer programs worked closely, but fell under different organizations and commanders. Each cares for the families of fallen Airmen and will now be organized as one team. This merger also helps streamline the way the Air Force provides services to Airmen and their families. When it comes to people programs, family support and quality of life there will be one organization that handles it all. Completion of this initiative Air Force-wide is expected by 2010. 

This squadron will provide cradle-to-grave support during an Airman's entire career from the time of enlistment through retirement and beyond. Whether it involves feeding, lodging, training and developing, promoting, deploying members and caring for their families, to retiring the member or providing burial entitlements, this squadron's focus is all things people. 

Enlisted Airmen AFSCs will not change below the superintendent level, however officer career fields will change dramatically as Personnel & Manpower and Services AFSCs are combined into a new career field. The officers and superintendents will need to fully understand the full range and spectrum of all functions within FSS.
As we embark on this new transformation one thing will remain constant: providing outstanding support to commanders, members and families from the front line to the home front.