Civil Engineer Squadron deploys to maintain base facilities in SW Asia

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Miranda Skiles
  • 114th Fighter Wing
Overseas deployments seem to be getting longer and more frequent for SDANG members. The latest group of Airmen from the South Dakota Air National Guard to take their turn in the line of duty hails from the 114th Civil Engineer Squadron. The 114th CES Base Engineer Emergency Force team, known as PRIME BEEF, recently deployed 52 Airmen to Southwest Asia to work on numerous projects to support combat air power in the Global War on Terror. 

The deployment took place in five phases with the first and largest group leaving shortly after Christmas and the rest at the beginning of January. They will be overseas approximately six months. 

Of those Airmen on the deployment, four are full time technicians. The other 48 are traditional guardsmen, six of whom are college students. No matter what their jobs might be at home, while on active duty, they are all proud members of the PRIME BEEF Squadron. 

At home and abroad, CES performs several functions to maintain critical facilities. Examples include: plumbing, carpentry, power production, electrical work, emergency management, supply, engineering and project management, liquid fuels, heavy equipment operations and heating/ventilation/air conditioning. They will also continue to support ongoing joint planning with other U.S. and host nation services.
Almost half of the members deploying are making their second visit to SW Asia, but for Master Sgt. Tonja Jorenby the trip marks her third long deployment overseas. She says deployments are a chance to really do the job she's trained to do, which is to make the base better for everyone it serves. 

At the mobilization ceremony at Joe Foss Field Dec. 6, Col. Walz said the 114th's training has prepared them to be "the best squadron in the best Air Force in the world." Jorenby agrees saying the 114 CES is a good crew and they will do a fine job on this deployment.
The 114 CES definitely has reason to boast. In 2004, the SDANG Engineers and Emergency Management Flight were chosen as "Most Outstanding" within the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. 

Continue to keep the deployed members of the 114 CES in your prayers.