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  • 114th Fighter Wing welcomes home Airmen

    A welcome home ceremony was held at Joe Foss Field March 4, 2018 to recognize the Airmen of the 114th Fighter Wing who deployed as part of a Reserve Component Period (RCP) deployment over the past 10 months.
  • Grenades detonated as part of Security Forces training

    114th Security Forces Squadron members performed explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) and grenade recertification training at a range near Joe Foss Field, S.D. Feb. 3, 2018. Members from the 119th Civil Engineer Squadron from Fargo, N.D. led the training. EOD and grenade recertification and training is an annual requirement for Airmen in the career fields using this type of equipment as part of their job.
  • Digital eyepiece increases capabilities of F-16 pilots

    Pilots with the 114th Fighter Wing tested out a new digital eyepiece (DEP) add-on system during a recent deployment Jan. 4-19. The device transforms their existing helmet-mounted displays (HMD) and night-vision goggles (NVG) into “smart helmets”, effective in night flying.
  • Lobo Summit prepares 114th FW for future AEF deployment

    The 114th Fighter Wing deployed more than 90 Airmen and nine F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft for Lobo Summit 2018 training deployment to March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, CA, Jan. 4-19. Lobo Summit was a temporary duty assignment preparing the 114th FW for the unit’s future Air Expeditionary Forces deployment (AEF).
  • 114th Medical Group works alongside Army medical personnel

    114th Medical Group Airmen deployed to Hawaii to work alongside active duty Army medical personnel at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) and Schofield Barracks Health Clinic, Honolulu, HI from Jan. 6 - 21. The mission there is the care of military members and their families stationed in Hawaii.
  • 114th Medical Group Airmen Train at Tripler Medical Simulation Center

    114th Medical Group Airmen took a break from the cold of South Dakota and utilized the Tripler Medical Simulation Center, Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI, Jan. 12 to improve training. The TMSC center provides a place for nurses, medics, doctors, and other medical professionals to hone and improve their very specialized skills.
  • Hot Pit Refueling

    The 114th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and 114th Logistics Readiness Squadron fuel operators performed multiple hot refueling training Dec. 2, 2017. Hot refueling is commonly known as hot pit.
  • 114th Maintenance Group instrumental in achieving 4000 flying hours

    The 114th Fighter Wing reached 4000 flying hours for the 2017 fiscal year on Sept. 29, 2017. This wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of the Airmen of the 114th Maintenance Group for keeping up with scheduled maintenance and unforeseen issues to ensure the 114th Fighter Wing’s F-16s are mission ready. This feat has only been accomplished twice by the 114th Fighter Wing since acquiring the F-16 in 1991, the first time in 2004.
  • 114th Fighter Wing conducts readiness exercise

    The 114th Fighter Wing held an Attack Response Exercise (ARE) from Oct. 7-15, 2017, at Joe Foss Field, S.D. The exercise is part of the South Dakota Air National Guard’s regular training to ensure Airmen have the skills necessary to perform homeland defense and support overseas operations.
  • Runway construction prompts arresting system upgrade

    114th Civil Engineer Squadron’s power production craftsmen certify newly installed BAK-14M hook cable support system Oct. 17, 2017, Joe Foss Field, S.D. The Air Force is phasing out the original BAK-14 and replacing it with the new BAK-14M.

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