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  • Driven by the Challenge

    An extra bottle of water, a helping hand to carry firewood, or the chance to briefly escape the elements in a warm vehicle were available if needed, but doing so meant instant dis-qualification. Tempting for some. Necessary for others. For those of us who chose to participate in the Missouri River Winter Survival Trek®, we knew what we were in for.
  • Chaplains Corner

    From March 30th to July 2nd I was stationed at the Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan. The transit center is the staging area for all troops going into and out of the war zone. It was humbling to provide some small comfort to the young men and women of our armed forces who, over the last ten years, have been making daily sacrifices in repeated and
  • Don't be overwhelmed by events

    The recent challenges of managing the flows of water and the stressed reservoirs in our Missouri River system has brought some ideas of family systems to mind. Every system, whether nuclear family, extended family, or organizations like churches or guard units that sometimes behave like families, are like reservoirs with regards to their ability to
  • A word from the commander

    I can't express my thanks enough for the outstanding efforts by all our personnel who have been directly or indirectly involved with our mobilization to State Active Duty. Contacting all our personnel, and deploying several hundred personnel over a holiday weekend with 24 hours notice was truly remarkable. The citizens of South Dakota asked for our
  • PME opportunities

    It was a busy summer at the 114th Fighter Wing with personnel accepting new aircraft, participating in Color Guard activities, and the Air National Guard Noncommissioned Officer Academy Graduate Association Chapter 70 membership hosting the national NCOAGA Seminar 42. Things just never seem to stop; fall is looking like it will be just as busy, so
  • Aircraft conversion provides growth opportunity

    Summer can be a busy time for all of us, but this year was certainly busier than most. The conversion to Block 40 F-16s had an aggressive timeline to accept 22 newer Fighters while preparing our existing fleet for retirement or unit transfers. Most of the aircraft required engine changes and extensive maintenance before delivering to Operations to
  • Be like my buddy Tony, a great wingman

    A recent order from General Norton A. Schwartz, Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force with concurrence from Lieutenant General Harry M. Wyatt III, Director of the Air National Guard, directs a half-day stand down in order to focus our attention on Suicide Prevention, enhance personal motor vehicle safety and to improve our wingman skills.
  • 114th Fighter Wing spring accomplishments

    As we wrap up spring and enter into our summer months, we certainly have much to be thankful for this year. The wing redeployed nearly 300 Airmen from Iraq in our third Air Expeditionary Force rotation since 2006 as well as an additional 30 ECS members who were deployed to nine different countries. Deployment lengths varied from 60 to over 180 days
  • Mission accomplishment

    As we enter the summer season, I want to make sure to thank everyone for the great contributions each one of you brings to this organization. The militia has never been more important to this nation, and you, the members of the 114th Fighter Wing, stand out as the best! Soon after re-deploying from our previous AEF, Maintenance Group and Logistics
  • Chaplain's Corner: Ministry in Southwest Asia

    How does one briefly summarize the work of a chaplain at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia, a high impact base with a 24/7 mission known as the 379 AEW? I can honestly say that it defies simple and brief descriptions but let me try to paint a concise picture. As Air Guard chaplain of the 114 FW, I am proud to serve as senior Catholic