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  • Financial fitness

    It's that time of year! - No, not just preparing ourselves for Physical Fitness training, but to get your personal finances back into fighting shape also. Thanks to the country's economic nosedive and the summertime fast approaching, most of us could benefit from a proven, no-nonsense financial workout plan. Below are some tips on how to improve
  • Airshow success

    Inviting nearly 200 thousand of your closest friends, family and community members to an Airshow can certainly be exciting. We had outstanding weather and an amazing show, featuring the very latest in civilian aerobatics and military demonstrations. We also seized the opportunity to dedicate the Operations Building to a previous commander, adjutant
  • UCI Opportunity

    Mention a Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI) anywhere around the Air Force and you will get a wide array of reactions from anxiety and frustration to "bring it on." No one seems to enjoy preparing for an inspection because it is the "hard" part of the whole process. Shining up programs, dotting I's, crossing T's, double checking documentation, etc.
  • Mental Preparedness key to UCI

    Congratulations to the Outstanding Airmen of the Year and thanks to everyone involved with this year's process. The number of Airmen submitted this year was impressive and all were well deserved of the honor.We are all busy getting everything in order for the Air Combat Command Unit Compliance Inspection that will be held at Joe Foss Field from
  • Balance strategy

    The Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates recently stated that "the defining principle of the Pentagon's new National Defense Strategy is Balance." The strategy strives for balance to prevail in current conflicts while preparing for future threats. Balance must be met setting priorities after considering tradeoffs and acceptable risks. This will not
  • Conquering the BEAST

    If you've been keeping up with the Air Force news lately, it becomes quite evident; it's not your Mom and Dad's Air Force anymore. They say the one thing you can count on in life is change and change has come. For us "old timers," the six weeks of Basic Military Training we endured is gone, now replaced with an intensive eight and a half week