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  • Out with the old in with the new

    As the new year began, members of the 114th Fighter Wing took the time out of a busy Unit Training Assembly weekend to exchange outdated chemical warfare masks for new ones here at Joe Foss Field, SD.Members of the unit are exchanging their old MCU-2 series gas masks with the new M-50 Joint Service General Purpose mask. The new M-50 mask brings
  • 114th Fighter Wing hosts Sioux Falls Airshow 2012

    The 114th Fighter Wing hosted over 100,000 people at Joe Foss Field during Sioux Falls Airshow 2012 July 21 and 22. Military members, their families and friends, and community members endured skyrocketing temperatures of over 100 degrees during the "Power on the Prairie" airshow.Every three years visitors travel from across the state and nation to
  • World War II pilot goes for a ride

    Lt. Col. (Ret.) Wendell Hanson, United States Air Force, was a bomber pilot during World War II in the 341st Bomber Group.  He flew over 50 missions in the China Burma India Theater during WWII and he had a chance to revisit some of those memories when he was given a ride in a B-25 Bomber here July 17.After flying 40 missions out of India into
  • USO Team rolls into Sioux Falls

    As the heat index soared above 100 degrees at Joe Foss Field July 21 and 22, members of the South Dakota Air National Guard worked tirelessly to host over 100,000 people during Sioux Falls Airshow 2012.Military members were working hard to ensure the show went off without a hitch and they had someone on their team working hard to support them and

    The face of the South Dakota Air National Guard's F-16 pilot is changing. Our next generation of fighter pilots will include two females, the first the unit has seen in its 66 years of existence. 2nd Lt. Shanon Davis and 2nd Lt. Valerie Vanderostyne are among the four newest pilots of the 175th Fighter Squadron to pass their Initial Flight
  • Into the night

    "Because it's dark, we're forced to complete our mission without the visual cues we are used to. Think about doing your job entirely outside at night and you can imagine the challenges we face." was 1st Lt. Aaron Werner's response when asked how night flying is different than flying during the day."The difficulty level is raised when we fly at
  • Firefighters wear pink

    The firefighters at Joe Foss Field, S.D. Crash-Fire-Rescue station and members of the International Association of Firefighters did their part during Breast Cancer Awareness month.Members of the station purchased pink station wear shirts with the department logo printed on it and sold them to raise funds. Crash, Fire, Rescue members also purchased
  • September Retirees Coffee holds special event

    The first Tuesday morning of each month is a special time for retirees of the South Dakota Air National Guard. Old stories are told and old friends are remembered when they gather in the Dining Facility at Joe Foss Field.September's coffee was especially memorable due to an event promoted by the 114th Family Volunteer Group, the Sioux Falls
  • What's the story with that darn duck?

    When members of the Ammo shop of the 114th Maintenance Squadron were called to help with flood duty in Pierre and Dakota Dunes, they deployed with a specially qualified member accustomed to water. This webbed footed member is none other than the official mascot for Ammo. An old duck decoy fittingly named 'Ammo Duck' accompanies new members from the
  • Twenty years and counting

    The Base Exchange on Joe Foss Field is celebrating it's twentieth year at the South Dakota Air National Guard in 2011.A twenty year celebration was held on August 6th with a customer appreciation event attended by senior leaders of the unit as well as Anna Stanton, the general manager from the Base Exchange at Offutt Air Force Base.The BX has had